The Ninth Experts' Forum Was Successfully Held at CFDI in 2019
Release time:2019-10-31

In order to promote the capacity of inspectorate, and improve the professional skills and comprehensive quality of the inspectors, CFDI held the ninth experts’ forum on October 29, 2019. Dr. Gabin Wu, head of digital technology and innovation, and Dr. Tang Yang, data scientist from Roche, was invited to give a lecture on “Application of Digital Technology in Drug Production Quality and Risk Management”.

Dr. Wu based on the current situation of drug production quality management elements in data analysis led to the risk management ideas and methods through advanced analysis methods such as machine learning, introduced the solution method taking the natural language processing method as technical core in quality risk management in Roche, and shared the advanced analysis method application during inspection. Dr. Tang Yang introduced how natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning can be used to quality management elements information process, and showed the methods of finding new risks by advanced analysis method. The content of the two experts' explanation is novel and forward-looking, which broadens the inspectors' knowledge and is very enlightening for the inspector to carry out related work.

Office of Cosmetic of NMPA, CFDI, CDE, the Information Center, the Center of Beijing Drug Certification, the Center of Beijing Drug Evaluation and 20 provincial drugs inspectorates from the whole country synchronously watching through video system participated in the training, totally more than 300 person participated in the training.